Top 10 Freight Forwarding Training Courses in 2021

Top 10 Freight Forwarding Training Courses in 2021

Why should you take freight forwarding classes?

Before you enter the freight forwarder industry, taking freight forwarder certification training courses can be extremely beneficial. Freight forwarding classes not only teach you everything you need to know about freight forwarding, but certifications can also help you secure your place in this competitive industry. In the future, the knowledge gained from these freight forwarding courses will assist you in obtaining additional certifications, accreditation, and licenses that will allow you to provide additional services.

Additionally, freight forwarding classes are not only limited to people who are new to this industry, but also to experienced freight forwarders who want to further specialize and advance in the field of freight forwarding. As mentioned earlier, added services to your freight forwarding operations may require other certifications and licenses.

Even though the barriers to entry are lower in this industry than in others, specialization as well as taking your freight forwarding business to the next level may be difficult.

While the courses will provide you with the necessary skill set to enter the industry, freight forwarding software such as GoFreight is required to out-compete your competitors.

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Here are the top 10 freight forwarding courses that will undoubtedly improve and expedite your freight forwarding career!!

1.Canadian International Freight Forwarder Association (CIFFA) Certification (Freight Management Course)

Knowledge and Skills Taught:

  • Plan and carry out shipments by different modes of transport 
  • Routes research
  • Provide quotes to customers 
  • Make shipments arrangement
  • Monitor shipments 
  • Manage required transportation documents 
  • Learn how to collaborate with carriers, warehouses, government agencies, and packing companies 

    Course Outline (Detailed Course Outline in Link) 


  • Ample competency-based case studies 
  • Video and written explanations of complex topics 
  • Constantly updated content in online lessons and textbook 
  • A detailed logistics definition glossary 
  • Interactive exercises to help enhance learning experiences 


2. International Trade and Freight Forwarder Certificate Training Courses (Freight Management Course)

    Knowledge and Skills Taught: 

  • Prospective international research initiatives and analysis 
  • Import and export cost-benefit analysis 
  • Market entry strategies 
  • International business plan 
  • Risk assessment 
  • Company’s product adaptation to meets target market regulations 
  • Preparation and management of necessary documentation for import and export 
  • Freight forwarding process 
  • Each freight forwarder methods’ advantages and disadvantages 


  • Certifications recognized worldwide 
  • Open new career opportunities
  • Industry recognized partnerships 
  • Real-world environment learning 
  • Career assistance 
  • Interactive learning styles 
  • Small class size 

3.V skills Certified Freight Forwarding Classes (Freight Management Course)

    Knowledge and Skills Taught: 

  • Freight Planning 
  • Freight Transportation 
  • Containerization 
  • Sea and Airline Transportation 
  • Integrated Logistics 
  • Future Development of Freight Forwarding Industry 


  • Government certification 
  • Certification doesn’t expire 
  • Lifelong access to e-learning resources
  • Free practice tests 
  • Vskills Certified on Monsterindia.com and Shine.com 

    Course Outline: 

  • Freight Planning
  • Freight Transportation 
  • Surface Transportation 
  • Containerization 
  • ICD and CFS 
  • Sea Transportation 
  • Airline Transportation 
  • International Freight Transportation 
  • Integrated Logistics 
  • Future Development 

4.Online Freight Forwarder Training Courses (Custom Clearance and Freight Forwarding Course) 

    Knowledge and Skills Taught

  • Ideal for new freight forwarders or experienced freight forwarders to better understand the principle of the freight forwarding industry 
  • Incoterms
  • Charging methods 
  • Liability 
  • Insurance 
  • Customs process 
  • Freight by different modes of transportation 
  • Modern Prezi format presentations 
  • Includes video to enhance the learning experience 

    Course Outline 

  • Introduction 
  • Risk and liability 
  • Terms and conditions
  • Ocean freight 
  • Airfreight 
  • Road freight 
  • Dangerous goods 
  • Claims and Insurance 
  • Customs 

5.The Freight Forwarder Certificate Training Courses for Business

    Knowledge and Skills Taught 

  • Role of freight forwarders 
  • Starting days of freight forwarding 
  • Asset and capital 
  • Forwarders business structure 
  • Container import and export transactions 
  • FIATA Model Rules 
  • Information technology in forwarding such as GoFreight 

6.Certified Shipping & Freight Forwarding Management Manager Courses (CSFFMM)

    Knowledge and Skills Taught 

  • Supply chain management 
  • Role of a freight forwarder 
  • Incoterms 
  • Import and Export Process 
  • Free trade zones 
  • Freight transport and warehousing 
  • Insurance 


  • CSFFMM certification from the American Institute of Professional Studies (AIPS) 
  • CSFFMM certification from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA)


7. Certificate III in International Freight Forwarder Training Courses for Operator (Freight Management Course) 

    Knowledge and Skills Taught 

  • Qualification for those involved in international freight forwarding at the operational level 
  • Freight goods transport organization 
  • Health and safety procedures 
  • Import and export documentation 
  • Consolidate freight 
  • Develop freight customers 
  • Handle dangerous goods 
  • Monitor supplier performance 

8. Freight Forwarder Certificate Training – International Classes 

    Knowledge and Skills Taught 

  • Prepare you for the fast-paced freight forwarding industry
  • Learn to move cargo quickly and safely 
  • Government regulatory requirements 
  • Confident in the knowledge of logistics and international freight forwarding industries  

    Course Outline 

  • Import and export documentation 
  • Freight goods transport organization 
  • Freight record maintenance
  • Export logistics management
  • Freight consolidation 
  • Assess Customer Transports Requirements

9. British International Freight Association (BIFA) Freight Forwarder Certificate Training

    Knowledge and Skills Taught 

  • Freight Forwarding essentials for industry newcomers
  • Live trainers with over 25 years of freight and customs experience
  • Certificate nationally accredited by Edexcel at BTEC Level 2 
  • All students will receive a workbook that covers all the modules 
  • Work-based assignments and projects 
  • Understand the overall process of freight forwarding 

10. Diploma of International Freight Forwarding Classes Training (Freight Management Course) 

    Knowledge and Skills Taught 

  • International freight forwarding planning 
  • Freight forwarding documentation 
  • Logistics, storage, and warehouse 
  • Handle dangerous goods 
  • Assess contracts, insurance, risks, and liability 
  • Security and safety 
  • Forwarder Management 
  • Quality customer service management 
  • Nationally recognized training 
  • Recognized by FIATA
  • Highly respected credentials for international freight forwarders 

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In this digital age, taking freight forwarding courses may not be enough.

Taking freight forwarding classes can help you understand and enter the freight forwarding industry by providing you with industry knowledge and skills; however, to differentiate yourself from your peers, you will need an extra edge that freight forwarding software can provide.

Whether you are new to freight forwarding or a trained professional, freight forwarding software has quickly become a critical factor in remaining competitive in the industry. Technology and the recent trend in digitization have aided freight forwarders’ operations in becoming more streamlined while increasing revenue.

A good freight forwarding software can help you simplify complex operational procedures while also accelerating your company’s growth. Automation of operational procedures has also increased workflow efficiency among leading forwarders significantly.

GoFreight stands out among freight forwarder software due to its appealing user interface, extensive features, and dedicated cloud servers. You can schedule a free demo with us to learn more about how GoFreight can help you accelerate your business growth.

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