Amazon, Ikea Pledge to Only Use “Clean” Freight Services by 2040


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October 25, 2021 • 2 minutes read

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Amazon, being the biggest online sales platform in the world, shows their contribution to the climate by setting a series of zero-carbon goals. Complying with the Paris Agreement, Amazon, Ikea and other retailers are committing to only utilize freight services powered by zero-carbon cargo shipping by 2040.

Cargo Owners for Zero Emission Vessels (COZEV) aim to track the maritime discharge and alleviate emissions in shipping.

These multinationals play significant roles in cutting down on emissions while shipping. That is to say, these large cargo owners have major power to affect the shipping industry’s transition to net-zero emissions. To elaborate, shipping companies need to transform themselves and get rid of fossil fuels gradually so as not to lose big clients, such as Amazon and Ikea.

In detail, COZEV specified that the zero-carbon shipping fuels will likely be hydrogen-based.

And here are some characteristics:

  • Have zero greenhouse gas emissions
  • Are abundant enough to decarbonize the whole shipping industry
  • Don’t have unaddressed safety concerns

“We are calling on these retail brands to commit to short-term measures and benchmarks to immediately reduce their climate and human health impacts. We cannot wait another 19 years for shipping to address its massive climate footprint,”

Kendra Ulrich, shipping campaigns director at said.

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Although Amazon has seemed to strive hard to decrease their carbon footprint, carbon emissions ironically increased last year.

Furthermore, people keep complaining that Amazon overuses packaging, leading to deforestation. In a nutshell, it may still be a fresh start for these multinationals to use clean freight services.

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