AMR Will Dominate Global Logistics Industries in the Era of Robots


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August 12, 2021 • 2 minutes read

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With the advent of the robot era, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) continue to flourish globally as they are built to fulfill more diversified and flexible needs. International Federation of Robotics (IFR), a professional non-profit organization, stated the sales volume of AMR in global logistics would increase by 31% in 2023, and the demand for AMR in the public infrastructure sphere is estimated to grow at an annual rate of 40%. They also claim the application of AMR would disrupt the rules of current existing markets, which has prompted the industry to accelerate the development of autonomous robot techniques.“Traditionally, mobile robots mainly operate in factories, transporting raw materials and components among stations and machines; however, AMR provides services to the general public, including autonomous patrols in urban areas, room service in hotels, and consumer guide in supermarkets, rather than working in plants”, Milton Guerry, chairman of the IFR, said.Despite the fact that the autonomous robot technique has been invented for decades, commercial applications only emerged in recent years as a result of higher computation ability at a lower cost. The autonomous navigation and execution capability demonstrated by AMR have already been applied in many aspects, such as factory operation and customer service, which double the market demand for AMR, and pave the way for other industries to utilize mobile robots.“Mobile robots is a highly anticipated potential market and will progress significantly in the next decade”, Milton Guerry supplemented.With the advancement of monitoring and computing technology, mobile robots have become more agile and are able to navigate easily both indoors and outdoors. It has supplemented the weakness of logistics and urged traditional logistics companies, such as FedEx, to enter this new market.

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