Delta Variant Overwhelms China! Key Terminal Partially Reopens as a Response

August 27, 2021 • 1 minute read



Staff Content Writer

Meishan Island International Container Terminal (MSICT) at China’s Ningbo-Zhoushan Port has recently resumed operations! 

As the second-busiest port in China, their two-week shutdown has been detrimental to the shipping industry. Congestion and delays worsened, while the demand for vessels and containers continued rising. 

With 2 other major terminal shutdowns, Yantian and Pudong, COVID-19 has reduced cargo-handling capacity by “an estimated 80-90%,” says Flexport’s executive vice president, Neel Jones Shah. And indeed, Chinese ports have been experiencing the worst levels of congestion in 7 years. 

A fifth of the container volume that Ningbo receives goes through Meishan. In an effort to lift the stress from global supply chains, Meishan terminal has lifted its lockdown restrictions, and will gradually resume operations. 

That being said, Ningbo authorities have put in measures for pandemic prevention and control. All port workers will be routinely tested, and crews from international vessels will be prohibited from disembarking unless absolutely necessary. 

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