Florida: Another Solution to the Port of LA’s Congestion Problem


October 29, 2021 • 2 minutes read

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In sunny Florida, the Jacksonville Port Authority is celebrating its recent win in setting a new container volume record for The Sunshine State. This is a clear contrast to the monthly “celebrations” Californian ports boast, record backlogs. The Biden administration has already zeroed in on solving this wrinkle in America’s supply chain through 24/7 work hours and the introduction of the National Guard; however, it seems Florida is looking to offer a helping hand as well. 

Florida ports council president, Michael Rubin, has suggested a reroute of container ships from ports in the West Coast to Florida via the Panama Canal. The journey would take a total of 7 days, but could prove to save time with container ships already waiting weeks to berth and offload their loads. 

In a statement, Rubin said, “We have the opportunity to provide those shipping lines and beneficial cargo owners a more efficient route that can get their product not only to the third-largest domestic market in the country but also to other markets outside of Florida, within two days.”

Michael Rubin Named President & CEO of the Florida Ports Council - Florida  Ports Council
Michael Rubin, President and CEO of Florida Ports Council (FPC)

While it looks like Florida stepping in would solve the West Coast’s unending congestion crisis, critics are quick to point out if Florida is equipped with enough truckers and workers to handle the distribution of goods once the products are unloaded. With Christmas only a month away, the time is ticking down for both shippers and consumers alike.

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