Glass Ceiling? 3 Facts About Gender Imbalance in Logistics

Cassius Dela Cruz

Staff Content Writer

July 21, 2021 • 2 minutes read

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What do you think about when you hear the term “Glass Ceiling”? Discrimination? Social stereotypes? Or the textbook definition of preventing a given demographic from reaching the upper levels of corporate ladders? Well, they’re all correct! However, do you also know there is a serious “Gender Imbalance” in the logistics industry?

Only 2% of employees are female

According to data from JBAndrews, of the 125 million people employed in the logistics & supply chain industry globally, only 2% are female. Moreover, ⅔ of both men and women are convinced that women need to show higher performance in order to receive the same amount of recognition, with only less than 20% of management roles being held by females.FIGURE1 | Source: JBAndrews

Women earn on average 22.6% less than men

Male supply-chain professionals earned on around 20% more than women, according to an Institute for Supply Management survey that found gender pay disparities across job titles. On the other hand, male supply-chain professionals with master’s degrees also earned, on average, 16% more than female counterparts.FIGURE2 | Source: WSI

Logistics has the lowest percentage of female graduates

According to a Reuters report, compared to business major graduates in general, logistics has the highest percentage of male graduates (of which there are about 65% male and 35% female) in any business.FIGURE3 | Source: ReutersIn spite of the fact that the logistics industry has long been dominated by males, copious amounts of research have shown that females are just as capable as their male counterparts. Maybe even more so in some aspects as females tend to be more detail-oriented than males and are much better at teamwork. Do you think women belong to the logistics industry? Or do you have other opinions about “Glass Ceiling” to share with us? Please contact us via Facebook or Linkedin! Also you may be interested in the career path in freight forwarding, please refer to this article!

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