Incoming Reputational Damage! Shipping Crisis Causes MORE Destruction


Staff Content Writer

October 4, 2021 • 1 minute read

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Due to the current shipping crisis, the freight industry has been in continuous chaos for the past year. From capacity shortages, worldwide port congestion, to container reliability schedules, every element has been shaky and inconsistent. 

And now, many businesses are facing the possibility of reputational damages as well. 

Freight capacity shortages have been an ongoing problem, but shippers and carriers alike continue to fail in meeting demand. While it is at no fault of the shippers, there is a lack of proper infrastructure to facilitate the shipping crisis. 

Beatrice Wishart, a member of the Scottish Parliament, has questioned the limited capacity of the Northern Isles. “Ferry freight capacity issues are long-running, completely foreseeable and avoidable,” she said. “No business would like their reputation damaged by something that was outwith their control. Yet some businesses in Shetland are suffering through this reality.” 

Wishard urges the Scottish government to take matters into their own hands, and “ensure that freight capacity demands are met and economic growth isn’t stifled.” 

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