Kimberly-Clark’s Digitization Generates Savings of $3.5 Billion!!


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August 10, 2021 • 2 minutes read

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As a leading provider of real-time transportation visibility solutions, FourKites hosts (virtual) conferences where shippers and carriers are invited to share how visibility fits into their digital strategy, and how they’ve successfully adopted visibility technology. This summer, Abby Weisenberger, a distribution consultant at Kimberly-Clark, was a speaker at FourKites’ Carrier Visibility Summit. Ms. Weisenberger is currently leading Kimberly-Clark’s digital shipping initiative and works in distribution operations. Her presentation illustrates the company’s steps to digitally manage its information for a more orderly and cost-effective distribution operation. The fact that they’ve generated $3.5 billion over the past 10 years in savings just shows that Kimberly-Clark’s project is working.  
  1. What have they done? 
    • Implemented their FORCE program in their supply chain 
    • The acronym stands for: Focused On Reducing Costs Everywhere (they’ve really done that) 
  2. What are the benefits of digitally enabling Hot Loads? 
    • Allows companies to run lean supply chains and meet customers’ service expectations 
    • Can reduce on-times-in-full fines (usually used by major retailers to get what they ordered within the promised time) 
  3. But what are Hot Loads? 
    • Occurs when an outbound truck is held at a shipper’s distribution centre because only a part of the shipment is needed  
    • Once the shipment arrives and is unloaded, the “hot” inventory gets transferred to a shipping dock and onto an outbound truck 
  4. How can Hot Loads be efficient? 
    • Requires accurate arrival time and inventory visibility 
    • The process is streamlined with transportation visibility 
  5. FourKites’ Dynamic Yard 
    • Generates digital information like special instructions for drivers 
    • Allows drivers to sign e-documents ahead of time 
    • Simplifies carrier and driver collaboration 
With the help of technology, using real-time visibility can improve the distribution process immensely. By working towards harmony between warehousing and transportation, Kimberly-Clark will upgrade its supply chain efficiency.  

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