Long Beach Forwarders: You Can Now Stack Up More Containers!


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October 29, 2021 • 2 minutes read

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In an effort to ease the current port congestion, the City of Long Beach, California is temporarily relaxing the current set of rules for container stacking. 

The current rules mandate that there can be no more than 2 containers (8 feet tall) stacked together, but they plan on waiving the regulation for at least 90 days. The rules are enforced as a way to manage the visual aesthetics of the port, but the visible impact is no longer an immediate concern for the port. 

Now, the City of Long Beach is allowing 4 containers to be stacked, with the potential of 5 containers if fire officials approve. Part of the official statement reads as follows: 

“Given this current national emergency and the Governor’s Executive Order to take necessary steps to alleviate the impacts on the system, the City Manager will temporarily waive enforcement of current shipping container stacking and height limits… The City will work during the next 90-day period to assess the situation and the effectiveness of this solution and any impacts on the surrounding areas.” 

Hopefully, the alleviation of the rules will allow for the backlog of containers to lessen. In Wilmington, Los Angeles, containers have even been parked in residential neighbourhoods as proper storage space is getting increasingly more difficult to find. 

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