Maersk Verifies Its Move Into Air Freight Services, As Has CMA CGM!


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November 3, 2021 • 2 minutes read

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Maersk confirmed its intention to buy Senator, a well-known air freight forwarding specialist, for USD 644 million on Nov. 2, according to Loadstar’s report. As the world’s leading provider of integrated logistics services, it is predictable that Maersk is bound to improve its ability to provide a one-stop-shop and end-to-end logistics service.

Maersk said that it planned to transport about one-third of its air freight on its own services, while the remainder would be allocated to charter airlines and scheduled carriers. Besides, Maersk also promised to delve into carbon-neutral fuels, which was a request made at the recent COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, U.K.

The Loadstar indicated that Maersk might consider obtaining a new aircraft operating certificate; however, it turned out to be using its Star Air subsidiary, which operates a fleet of 12 older 767-200Fs with an average age of 33.7 years, the majority of which leased in 2005/6, but also operates 3 younger 767-300Fs. The Loadstar also pointed out that Maersk originally attempted to procure 777Fs, which were ultimately snapped up by CMA CGM.

The 777Fs allow Maersk to provide longer-haul and more comprehensive cargo services, whereas the 767Fs are preferred by most express operators.

With the enormous profits generated by sky high freight rates, it is no surprise that Maersk as well as CMA CGM invest in air freight services to strengthen their integrated logistics services. The market remains upbeat about the trend and eagerly awaits the outcome of the competition. However, some air cargo executives are still concerned that these container lines will be able to persuade their customers to use their services because there is a conflict of interest between the carrier companies and their clients involved in air freight services.

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