Record Number of Ships Emerges at Los Angeles!


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September 15, 2021 • 1 minute read

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Los Angeles Port set new records on Monday for the number of vessels in port as the pandemic-driven import boom continues to strain global marine transportation.

MarineTraffic has reported a new record of 103 ships in Los Angeles Port, including 17 passenger vessels, 13 tugs, 6 container ships and 2 oil tanker ships, which has pushed the number of ships in the port to a new high. 

In addition to the number of ships, the median time (days) at anchorage now is 7.1 days, slightly less than the previous week, but still remains high in the most recent 9 weeks. The time at the port now reaches up to 4.9 days, the highest record in the most recent 6 weeks.

The port of Los Angeles, the top container port in the nation, has been setting monthly cargo records lately and expects to see high volumes with the coming peak shipping season.

The Port of Los Angeles reported moving 890,799 TEU in July, 4% YoY on the previous year, while lacking the cargo number of August. The port surpassed the total moving volumes in June and is expected to obtain more cargo in the future.  

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