Rising Sales TIGHTENS Truck Capacity Further


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August 13, 2021 • 2 minutes read

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With COVID-19 and the continuous surge in consumer demand for imported goods, supply chains remain disrupted with high shipping numbers. The strong and steady demand has tightened truck capacity across the US, leading to truck shippers being stretched thin. What’s worse, sometimes the right inventory is ready to go, but there are no available carriers to transport them to where they need to be. As sales are still climbing, businesses are finding it harder to both stock goods and keep goods on shelves. Widespread supply chain disruption has caused factory and warehouse worker shortages, and products aren’t being produced and shipped in time. A lot of the blame for delayed shipments is placed on the labour market and the shortage of staff members. And the consistent rise in consumption has only amplified the delays. The driver market is also experiencing disruptions. Businesses need their products, so demand for retail-oriented truck carriers is at an all-time high. But since they are in high demand, trucking companies have been using signing bonuses, higher wages, and other benefits to attract more drivers to work for them. This has resulted in existing drivers hopping from company to company in the search for the best offer. Experts have predicted that there is no immediate turn in the trucking industry. If COVID-19 restrictions and labour shortages continue, especially when consumer habits remain heavily influenced by online shopping, the supply chain is likely to continue struggling with disruptions until the end of this year (or even further). 

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