The Trend Could Be a Turning Point for Walmart!!


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August 19, 2021 • 2 minutes read

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Walmart’s out-of-stock levels are higher than normal due to strong demands for goods and chaotic supply chains, CFO Brett Biggs said. Besides, the suppliers are also adding their leading time for their orders to help Walmart schedule its inventory. Walmart stock Walmart stock Walmart stock WalThe outbreak of the Delta variant has caused several ports to shut down within the US-China route, including the ports of Yantian and Ningbo, further delaying imports from China. With the upcoming holiday shopping season in the US, increased orders have put enormous pressure on retailers, especially Walmart. These factors all contribute to the high out-of-stock level in Walmart recently. Walmart stock Walmart stock Walmart stockSome large retailers like Walmart have decided that taking shipping into their own hands is a much better option than waiting for shipping companies to have space. As a result, lots of ship leasing companies, including Global Ship Lease, have signed 40 new charter agreements so far this year. “We’re currently in the midst of a red-hot freight and charter market,” the Executive Chairman added. Walmart stock Walmart stock Walmart Walmart stock Walmart holds a positive attitude toward its inventory position towards the end of the year. According to a financial report released by Walmart, the inventory for the most recent quarter was up 20%YoY, total company revenue for the quarter ended July 31 was up 2.4% to $141.0 billion, and operating income increased 21.4% to $7.4 billion. Walmart stock Walmart stock Walmart stock Walmart stock Walmart stockWalmart stock

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