When Will COVID-19 Stop? Positive Cases Show Up in Kaohsiung


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September 8, 2021 • 1 minute read

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A vessel under the Evergreen Marine Corporation, the Ever Balmy, has been quarantined outside of Kaohsiung Port in Taiwan since September 4th. 

The 2,800TEU vessel recently reported 5 positive COVID-19 cases from their 22 crew members. Those with COVID-19 have been hospitalized, and the rest of the crew have been quarantined on the ship. 

The infected crew members began showing symptoms of high fevers, sore throats, and runny noses around September 4th, and were rushed to take PCR tests to determine their health statuses. After investigation, Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center has determined that the crew members most likely came in contact with the virus when they were docked in Japan. 

Ever Balmy was scheduled to leave Kaohsiung Port for Singapore on September 5th, but in light of the unexpected quarantine, they are now leaving today (September 8th). And will arrive in Singapore on September 12th. 

Evergreen has implemented strict quarantine regulations that they are enforcing on all crew members. After 14 days of isolation, the crew has to test negative for COVID-19 within 3 days prior to boarding the vessel. While travelling, they have to take their temperature 3 times a day, and have their meals separately in different groups. 

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