How Allround Freight Forwarding Streamlines Operations and Growth with GoFreight

Cassius Dela Cruz

Staff Content Writer

January 30, 2023 • 2 minutes read

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About Allround Forwarding

Allround Forwarding is a company that has been offering a full range of international logistics services and customs brokerage since 1968. In 2017, Allround Forwarding expanded from New York into the Midwest and founded its Ohio branch Allround Freight Forwarding Midwest (ARFM). As the CEO of Allround Freight Forwarding, Janko Wille knew he needed a software freight forwarding software system to support his efforts to streamline his company’s operations more effectively. Even the smallest time delays or human errors can be critical in the freight forwarding business.

Allround’s Journey for the Perfect Freight Management Software Solution

ARFM began its business journey with expensive logistic software with limited functions and features. After dropping their initial subscription, Janko experimented with seven other freight forwarding systems and found them to be impractical, as they were either too complicated to learn or over budget. Specifically, ARFM despised the complicated tools/features, expensive hidden fees, and lack of functionality associated with these systems.

Among eight different systems evaluated, Janko found GoFreight to be the perfect solution for their software solutions. After only one demo, Janko was extremely happy with the self-explanatory characteristic of the GoFreight system that he even stated, “GoFreight is very user friendly, and I am quick in the system.” Essentially, GoFreight addressed the major problems with the other freight management systems with improved systems capabilities that have improved our team’s productivity and performance while empowering Allround with increased capabilities to be on the cutting edge of the industry.

How GoFreight Empowered Allround’s Future Success

Leveraging GoFreight’s easy-to-use freight forwarding business management software, ARFM was able to that automate its shipment operations and customer support systems, which played an essential role in ARFM’s success. With the time Janko has saved from streamlining his cumbersome document-heavy operations processes, he has significantly improved his business capabilities, enabling customers to avoid transportation fines using the GoFreight Tracking feature and encouraging collaboration with his customers using GoFreight’s Customer Portal. With these new capabilities, he plans to digitize operations and strictly uses a paperless system going forward. 

GoFreight has also provided Janko with an easy-to-use platform that embraces and integrates modern technology into ARFM operations without disturbing customer service quality. Essentially, ARFM found GoFreight offers the quickest path into the future of the Freight Forwarding industry.

“I realized I can’t just sit there and do the things we used to do. I don’t want to lose business just because my technology is outdated. That is another very important reason I chose GoFreight.” – Janko Wille.

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