How can Ocean Freight Software Benefit Freight Forwarders?

Alice Zhou

June 18, 2020 • 4 minutes read

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As we’ve mentioned previously, ocean freight is the most popular mode of transport when it comes to international trading, with 90% of products being shipped by ocean containers. It’s a very popular method of freight transportation because larger shipments can be imported or exported anywhere in the world. However, there are many challenges freight forwarders must overcome when dealing with ocean freight. There is software that you can incorporate into your operations to help you overcome these challenges, eliminate tedious tasks, and boost efficiency. This article will walk you through:

What is Ocean Freight Software?

How Can Ocean Freight Software Benefit Freight Forwarders?

The term freight software refers to any software that helps a business find the best and most efficient way to move freight. Ocean freight software eases the process of transportation of sea freight by tracking it from the moment all the necessary data is keyed into the system until it arrives at its destination. This automated system eliminates the need for telephone bookings and paperwork. Before the introduction of software, employees had to spend hours on the phone comparing prices and inputting all data by hand. This system decreases inefficiencies and lets freight forwarders spend more time improving their customer service.

Challenges of Ocean Freight Forwarding

Transporting goods via shipping containers has a lot of drawbacks and challenges that may dissuade freight forwarders from ocean shipping. Here are some of the main issues of dealing with ocean freight.

How Can Ocean Freight Software Benefit Freight Forwarders?

Cost Issues

Commoditization of services means that many customers are more concerned about the price rather than the actual service itself. This can make it hard for freight forwarders to stand out in the market with amazing service if customers are searching for the cheapest quote. Furthermore, global shipping is very complex and involves multiple parties handling shipments between ports. If the aims of each organization are not clear it can be almost impossible for freight forwarding companies to know what they’re paying for, causing disputes when quoting rates to customers.

Outdated Software

Many freight forwarders use very old software for their freight that is not regularly updated. Old systems have very outdated processes. This not only wastes time but can be very tedious and frustrating for the individual writing up the data. It is necessary to have up-to-date software that can automate these processes.

Customer Relations

It can be very difficult to communicate with customers. Organizing shipments from start to finish is a lengthy process, and customers will want to be informed throughout the whole process. However, it can be difficult to have clear, constant communication with customers if forwarders have to constantly keep in contact with shippers on details of the freight’s shipment.

External Threats 

Delicate political ongoings have created new challenges for several industries, and the freight forwarding industry is no exception. Political situations may also influence exchange rates. To learn more about the effects of international trade on the forwarding industry, read this article.

How can I Pick the Best Ocean Freight Software?

Ocean freight software is extremely beneficial for freight forwarders. Picking the right software can help boost productivity, provide incredible customer service and satisfaction, and cut costs. Here is a list of features you must look for when choosing a software.

How Can Ocean Freight Software Benefit Freight Forwarders?

Fast-entry of Data

Inputting data, such as booking orders, requesting quotes, tracking quotes, and comparing prices can be a lengthy and tedious process. Freight software fully automates this process, which allows staff to focus on more important tasks, such as customer service, business developments, and operational improvements. Additionally, the software allows for all recurring orders to be automatically stored, ensuring efficiency and accuracy every time. This saves the company a lot of time and resources that can be put to other use.

Real-time Tracking

For a long time, tracking goods was a very lengthy and laborious process before the introduction of software. It was impossible to keep track of exactly where freight was just through telephone calls. The software lets you know the exact location and status of each piece of freight through a real-time visual tracking system. This displays which shipments are on time and if there are any delays. This allows freight forwarders to intervene when there are problems immediately.

Saves Your Company Valuable Time

Using autonomous software frees up time so the company can focus on other tasks. This extra time means forwarders can focus on lowering prices while still providing a great service to their customers. They can also spend more time communicating with shippers if any issues arise and planning for any potential challenges – whether internal or external – that may be encountered.

Customer Service 

If customers need to know the exact status and location of their freight, they can contact their freight forwarding company to provide this information. Or, the software can even integrate with the customer’s thus allowing them to track their own shipments. This frees up time for other priorities such as getting shipments through customs quickly. 

GoFreight Ocean Freight Software

How Can Ocean Freight Software Benefit Freight Forwarders?

If you’re looking for modern and user-friendly software to easily manage and handle your freight, GoFreight will be your best friend. If you are looking to boost operational efficiency it may be time for an upgrade. GoFreight’s Ocean Freight Software is completely catered to our audience. We work closely with our customers by listening and communicating with them on their issues and needs. If you ever have any issues or queries, contact us and a member of GoFreight will reply briskly. Each month the software will receive a ton of new features and updates, making it more user-friendly and efficient.

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