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Thousands of freight forwarders are growing their businesses with GoFreight’s accurate real-time Freight Management System.

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1,000+ Freight Forwarders and NVOCCs Rely on GoFreight’s Business Management Solution

Industry-leading freight forwarding and business management.

Dramatically improve Running Your Freight Forwarding Business

Improve your operational productivity and efficiency with GoFreight’s complete solution.

Shipment Management

Manage all operations on the shipments. The GoFreight business management system connects you to success, supporting you and your business productivity.

Security Filings

File customs documents directly in the GoFreight system with the in-app ISF, AMS, and ACI portals, saving you time and money.

Container Tracking

GoFreight offers native integration with ocean carriers, terminals, and rail EDI, providing real-time container shipment status updates.

Booking & Quotation

With the GoFreight FMS, your sales team can instantly generate quotations and book shipments in just a few clicks.

Finance & Accounting

Your accounting team can easily reconcile and settle profit splits with overseas agents, facilitating seamless finance operations.


Simplify management of your business with GoFreight’s easy-to-use dashboard. All the volume and profit analysis data is at your fingertips.

“With GoFreight, U.S. freight forwarders have achieved over 50% revenue growth during the peak shipping season.”

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