Freight Forwarding Software

Designed to facilitate freight forwarders and NVOCCs to manage the process of moving cargoes from one point to another, freight forwarding software provides a web portal to centralize all aspects of your freight business in one place.

 Freight Forwarding Software - Dashboard

All-in-one freight forwarding software solution

For ocean, air or railway transportation

Designed for all types of freight forwarding businesses, GoFreight helps you manage and track real-time shipments around the globe

Manage all documents on a single platform

Through the shipment-based document center in GoFreight, you can spend your time efficiently on crucial documents such as air waybills and bills of lading.

Align activities across departments

Streamline workflows from finding sales quotation to creating accounting invoice, GoFreight facilitates the way of forwarder management.

Access Freight Forwarding System Anytime, Anywhere

Apply for an account and GoFreight will take care of everything, including speedy deployment and data migration. Solve all your business needs from day one with our cloud-based software solution. Freight Forwarding Software - Web-based
Data entry anywhere. Streamline your WFH workflow with our web-based freight management software. Freight Forwarding Software - WFH
Manage your business with our Cost-Volume-Profit analysis chart. Real-time data visualization enables you to make data-driven decisions to maximize operational efficiency and conduct performance analysis for exponential growth. Freight Forwarding Software - Real-Time
Freight Forwarding Software - Web-based

Cloud-Based Freight Forwarding System


GoFreight runs on Amazon AWS. Cloud servers help you prevent downtime in the more competitive freight forwarding industry.

API & EDI Connectivity

Integrate data and information with carriers, overseas agents, 3PL, various digital platforms, and other service providers.

Data Security

All your data are well protected by us and Amazon with two copies of the backup.

Transportation Management for Forwarders

Air freight: Import & Export

File critical documents, B/L, and airway bills with a web-based freight forwarding software. This will help increase your freight forwarding operation efficiency.


Build firm relationships with customers with a pre-configured trade parties list. Other features include customizing service memos, and integrating pop-up warnings to take note of trade statuses.

Ocean freight: Import & Export

You will be able to separate air waybills and carry out consolidation. The instant arrival notice allows you to view your cargo manifest status at a glance.


Everything you need to create invoices for both operational and non-operational processes, record demurrage charges, and provide readied and comprehensive reports with our CPA-verified accounting module.

Quotation management

This flexible freight rate software with pre-defined forms facilitates the quotation process. Features include being able to create, submit and track quotes and invoices.

Container tracking

Track your real-time shipments and containers with EDI integration to streamline your workflow. The customer portal allows your clients to be able to check shipment status anytime anywhere.

GoFreight Tracking

Stay Updated Before Your Customer Asks

Your customers want real-time updates of their cargos. With the integration of various API & EDI, GoFreight Tracking provides a customer-facing platform to facilitate container tracking and minimize demurrage and detention fees.

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Let GoFreight Scale With You As You Grow

GoFreight is a leading freight forwarding software, and our primary goal is to optimize and digitalize the traditional freight forwarding process. Strictly designed around freight forwarders’ tracking challenges, and requirements, we offer cloud-based software as a service(SaaS) solutions for freight forwarders and logistics companies to facilitate business processes.

With our fully-integrated logistics software, logistics and supply chain industry required documents such as airway bills, bill of lading, ISF, and AMS are all predefined in an organized and user-friendly interface. Our software can be used globally for air freight, ocean freight, and cargo transportation.


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to learn more about the 5-step Freight Forwarding Process


Freight Forwarding Software is designed to help freight forwarding companies better manage and operate their logistics business. It is used to produce documents that shipping and logistics need such as airway bills and bill of lading. Good freight management software should be able to control accounting status, manage forwarder business, boost team productivity, and increase operating efficiency.

Shipper employs forwarders who are responsible for the freight forwarding process from cargo manifests to insurance claims. From export haulage to the recipient, here are the main 5 steps of the freight forwarding process. These steps will facilitate forwarders in ensuring that goods are properly shipped and delivered, regardless of using sea freight, road freight or air freight. Download the PDF right now to learn more about the 5-step process.

Download PDF

to learn more about the 5-step Freight Forwarding Process