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Minimize Your Time Spent on System Security and Maintenance

GoFreight, hosted on AWS, provides a comprehensive SaaS solution to your company, and you will benefit from the new feature release from our bi-weekly updates.

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1000+ Companies Rely on Freight Management

Leading the way to better future of freight forwarding and management.

Make Running Your Freight Forwarding Business Easier

Supercharge team productivity with GoFreight’s all-around solution.

Shipment Management

Manage all operations on the shipments. The shipment-based management just connects all the dots, and makes your life easier than you can imagine.

Security Filing

File custom documents directly in the GoFreight platform with the in-app ISF, AMS, and ACI portals, saving you more time and money.

Container Tracking

With native integration with ocean carriers, terminals and rails EDI, all the container statuses will be auto-updated in your shipments.

Booking & Quotation

Manage the rate at GoFreight and the sales team can instantly generate the quotation or turn a booking into shipment in just a few clicks.

Finance & Accounting

Your accounting team can easily reconcile and settle profit splits with oversea agents, facilitating the whole finance operations.


Stay in full control of your business with the innovative dashboard in GoFreight. All the volume and profit analysis data will be at your fingertips.

“With GoFreight, freight forwarders in the U.S. have achieved a revenue growth of 50% during the peak shipping season.”

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