Ocean Import

Everything Ocean Import, Modernized.

Easily manage shipment reports, bill of ladings, container ETA/ ATA/ LFD, and invoices on one page with GoFreight’s fully-integrated ocean import module.

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Ocean Importing With GoFreight™

Boost Customer Experience With Centralized Real-Time Visibility and Customer Portal

Boost Customer Experience
Set-and-Forget Report Templates

Provide Tailored Recurring Reports to Customers with Set-and-Forget Report Templates

Increase Internal Work Efficiency by Organizing HBL, MBL, Invoice and Container in One Place

Increase Internal Work Efficiency by Organizing
Know Exactly What to Do Next

Know Exactly What to Do Next and Never Miss A Demurrage Deadline

Smoothen Internal Cross-Team Communication with Color Remark and Memo Design to Never Overlook Any Shipment

With GoFreight Ocean Import Module, you can expect

Demurrage and detention fee
Shipments handled
Track and trace time
US Ports & Terminals covered

GoFreight’s Automated Workflow Empowers You To…

Save significant amount of time and money for you and your customers

See real-time profit report at one glance

Increase internal operation efficiency and minimize human errors

Improve internal onboarding, training, and OP’s workflow

Boost internal cross-team communication

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