Automated Workflow
Handle 2x Shipments Without Hiring Additional Workforce

Automated workflow makes shipment operations easier than ever. Streamline your forwarding processes and never worry about human errors that can lead to substantial shipment delays.

Automated Workflow System

Start out Your Day with a Plan and Let GoFreight Do the Plan for You

Automated Workflow - TO-DO LIST


Created to help increase your work efficiency by managing all you on-hand shipments and operations in one centralized place.

Automated Workflow - NOTIFICATIONS


Receive proactive alerts that will make sure all your jobs are in control and remind you from forgetting high-priority tasks.

Automated Workflow - TEAM SUMMARY


Get a quick view of how your team is doing and how many tasks are still needed to be done for each individual.

Facilitate Shipment Operations with Automated Workflow

You’ll never miss an important task. GoFreight will help your prioritize your work and meet deadlines without any hassle.

Automated Workflow - Facilitate Shipment Operations

“With GoFreight, freight forwarders in the U.S. have achieved a revenue growth of 97.5% during the peak shipping season.”