Automated Workflow

Manage 5x Shipments Without Hiring Additional Personnel

An automated workflow makes shipment operations easier than ever before. Streamline your shipment management and forwarding processes, while eliminating concerns about human errors and their associated shipment delays.

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Start your day out with a plan. Let GoFreight’s automated workflow do the rest.


Created to enhance workplace efficiency, GoFreight’s shipment management software consolidates all of your on-hand shipments and operations in one centralized place: the To-Do List.

GoFreight’s To-Do List, which breaks deliveries down and shows filing numbers, ETAs, and MB/L information in one place.
GoFreight’s To-Do Alerts, with alerts relating to arrival notices and ISF numbers.


Never miss a beat. With intuitive logistics software, you’ll receive proactive alerts ensuring all of your ongoing operations are where they need to be, while keeping on the pulse of your high-priority tasks.


Gain a holistic view of your entire team. Never lose track of who is doing what, how far along each task is, and what still needs to be tackled.

GoFreight’s Team Summary application, showing several team names and their associated alerts and warnings in one place.

Facilitate Shipment Operations with Automated Workflow

You’ll never miss an important task again. GoFreight’s logistics software will change the way you prioritize and meet deadlines.

Easily manage unfinished tasks with GoFreight’s color-code system.

GoFreight’s shipping logistics software detailing color-coded delivery and shipment information.

Intuitively edit shipment details like MB/L and HB/L information.

GoFreight’s logistics software allowing a user to quickly edit vessel and voyage information.

Send orders directly to your customers through GoFreight.

A delivery order ready to sent directly to a customer via GoFreight’s logistics and shipment management software.

“With GoFreight, freight forwarders achieved an average of 50% revenue during the peak shipping season.”

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