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If you are considering switching to modern system, training and onboarding efforts are probably the greatest barriers. But with GoFreight? Take no more than 7 days to onboard and no more than 3 days to familiarize with the system. Feel the increase in productivity and leave the rest to our team.

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Get Your Freight Forwarding Software Up and Running Within 7 Days

Comprehensive Guide

Comprehensive knowledge to guide you through the entire system

Hassle-Free Support

Get a dedicated account manager to help you with all of your inquiries

Customer Training

Department-specific customer training

Switch-to-Gofreight - Cross-platform on any devices
Switch-to-Gofreight -no-need-to-memorize-hotkeys-anymore
Switch-to-Gofreight -no-need-to-memorize-hotkeys-anymore

For Impressing Your Customers

Container Tracking System Module is Sold Separately

Cross-platform on any devices

GoFreight is a browser-based solution that is compatible with all types of devices, whether you use a Mac or Windows computer.

Home - Real-time manager dashboard

No need to memorize hotkeys anymore

Take advantage of the browser bookmarks and tabs. Simply add important tasks into the bookmark bar and enable multitasking with browser tabs.

Switch-to-Gofreight - no-need-to-memorize-hotkeys-anymore

One mechanism that covers all types of shipments

The learning effort is minimal because the management procedure is the same across different modes of transport (ex. air, ocean, and rail).

Switch-to-Gofreight - one-mechanism-that-covers-all-tyoe

When It Comes to Your Company’s Core System, Security Is Never Excessive

All Your Business

All your business data is secured by Amazon’s advanced cloud technology.

Data Backup

3x data backup, 2 copies with Amazon and 1 with GoFreight.

Save Your Data

Save your data and qualify for a C-TPAT license in the states.

Enjoy the Latest Feature Updates Free of Charge

Bi-weekly updates from GoFreight will ensure that you and your team continuously benefit from our new advancements and ensure that all bugs and potential vulnerabilities are remedied immediately.

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