Navigating the Freight Journey: From Quotation to Shipment

Delivering goods involves multiple complex steps, but it all starts with a precise, comprehensive quotation. Dive into how GoFreight’s shipment management software revolutionizes this process, streamlining each stage from the initial quotation to the final shipment. 

The Importance of a Robust Quotation System

Setting the Stage for Success

A quotation isn’t merely a price tag—it serves as the foundation of trust between freight forwarders and their clients. By refining the quoting process, freight forwarders can seamlessly create, manage, and oversee quotation statuses. An integrated quotation system offers insights into sales performance and enables in-depth analysis of quotation data. Implementing these strategic actions not only bolsters customer relationships but also augments the efficacy of closing deals. 

The GoFreight Difference: Quotation to Shipment Simplified

How It Works

Efficiency, accuracy, and transparency characterize our Quotation to Shipment approach. With GoFreight’s shipment management software’s Quotation System, businesses experience reduced overheads, nurtured client relationships, and faster turnarounds by: 

  • Quickly responding to customer inquiries and updating freight rates.
  • Effortlessly resending updated quotations using templates.
  • Saving time and cutting costs by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Enhancing pricing accuracy with automated calculations.
  • Instantly updating spot rates, contract rates, and more for precise profit management.

Integral Features of Our Quotation System

GoFreight’s Quotation System is designed to address every nuance of freight forwarding. It’s not just about providing a number but ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and professionalism. Features include:

Automatic Pricing Summary: Mitigates manual recalculations and potential errors, ensuring accurate margins. 

Favorite Quotation: Centralizes vital details for easy retrieval.
Tailored Quotation PDFs: Professional, customized documents for both customers and forwarders.
Seamless Shipment Creation: Direct creation of shipments and invoices from quotation details.

The Seamless Transition: From Quotation to Final Shipment

GoFreight doesn't stop at the quotation. We ensure that once a quote is accepted, the transition to the actual shipment is smooth, error-free, and efficient. This streamlined process is what sets GoFreight apart in the logistics technology sector.

Why Choose GoFreight for Your Quotation to Shipment Needs?

Customers choose GoFreight’s shipment management software for three main reasons: