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Air Freight Forwarding Reimagined

Cut costs, boost efficiency, and enhance productivity by handling air bookings, billing, payments, and tracking all in one place. Simplify your operations and uncover new potential with GoFreight’s Freight Management System, tailored for today’s air freight needs.

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Elevate your operational capabilities with GoFreight’s Air Freight Management System — a comprehensive air freight software solution tailored to the dynamism of the air freight industry. Embrace the power to revolutionize your cost structures, amplify productivity, and unlock unparalleled efficiency.

Seamless Integration, Unmatched Productivity

Navigate the skies of opportunity with a system designed for the modern air cargo professional. GoFreight’s unified air freight sofware platform integrates air bookings, financials, tracking, and more, facilitating a seamless flow from quote to delivery.

Your Comprehensive Air Freight Command Center

Engage with a dynamic air freight management system that not only keeps pace with your business but also keeps your clients constantly in the loop.

Elevate Your Customer Experience

Revolutionize your customer interactions with a customizable air freight software portal that provides complete delivery visibility. Effortlessly manage what your customers can see, enhancing their experience without overcomplicating yours.

Unleash the Power of GoFreight’s Automated Workflow

Chart Your Course with GoFreight

Prepare for liftoff as GoFreight's Air Freight Management System clears the runway for your business growth. Seize the power of integrated air freight logistics and watch your business soar.

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Air Freight Software FAQ:

An ISF is required on imports to the U.S. via an ocean vessel – air freights do not require these forms.
A CGC, also referred to as an import permit, is a document required and issued by some national governments. It is meant to authorize the importation of goods.