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Empower Your Freight Forwarding Empire with GoFreight

As a business owner, your sight is set on the horizon, where efficiency meets profitability. You need a freight management command center that pilots your business with precision and insight – this is where GoFreight’s Freight Forwarder Business Management Software comes in, engineered for your triumph.

The Cornerstone of Growth for 1,000+ Freight Forwarders and NVOCCs

Join the fleet of forwarders navigating the competitive seas with GoFreight’s industry-leading business management solution.
Charting Your Course to Enhanced Business Performance
Optimized Shipment Management
Command your operations with a freight management system that amplifies your business’s agility and output, providing comprehensive control over all shipments.
Integrated Security Filings
Leap over regulatory hurdles with ease. The GoFreight platform includes built-in ISF, AMS, and ACI filing capabilities, designed to streamline compliance and reduce overhead.
Advanced Container Tracking
Gain unparalleled visibility with GoFreight’s direct integration with carriers and terminals, delivering real-time updates and EDI, keeping you informed and proactive.
Efficient Booking & Quotation
Propel your sales team to new heights with tools that enable rapid quotation generation and shipment bookings, ensuring you’re always a step ahead.
Financial Command Center
Empower your accounting team with intuitive reconciliation and profit split tools, simplifying financial operations and fortifying your bottom line.
Strategic Reporting Dashboard
Access critical business insights from an intuitive dashboard that puts volume and profit analysis at your command.

"Business owners leveraging GoFreight have reported over a 50% revenue surge during peak seasons, testifying to the platform’s unparalleled support in scaling operations."

Discover the GoFreight Difference

Set sail with confidence, knowing that GoFreight is the wind in your sails, propelling your business forward with an unwavering focus on growth and efficiency. Step aboard and take your place at the helm of innovation.