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Charting New Depths in Ocean Imports

Harness the full potential of your ocean import processes with GoFreight’s Ocean Import and Freight Management System. With complete integration through ocean freight software, managing shipment reports, bills of lading, container milestones, and invoices becomes as vast and seamless as the ocean itself.

Navigating the Seas of Ocean Freight with Ease

Dive into the streamlined world of GoFreight’s ocean freight management software, where simplicity meets efficiency. Discover how we redefine ocean importing:

Elevate Customer Interactions

Grant your clients unparalleled oversight with centralized, real-time visibility and an intuitive customer portal designed for effortless ocean import management.

Customized Reporting, Automated Delivery

Set up once, and impress forever. Our customizable report templates for ocean freight are designed to provide your customers with consistent, perfectly tailored updates. It’s more than convenience; it’s service elevation.

Efficiency Like Never Before

Aggregate your House Bill of Lading (HBL), Master Bill of Lading (MBL), Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) documentation, invoices, container statuses, and more in a singular, accessible location within GoFreight’s ocean freight software.

Master Your Maritime Timeline

Stay ahead of demurrage deadlines with the foresight provided by GoFreight's ocean freight software, ensuring that every journey is as timely as it is cost-effective.

Enhanced Communication Flows

Navigate the complexities of your shipments with color-coded remarks and memos, ensuring clarity and prompt action through every phase of the ocean freight lifecycle.

With GoFreight's Ocean Import Module, Anticipate:


reduction in demurrage and detention fees.


increase in shipments managed.


saved in tracking and tracing time.


coverage of US ports and terminals.

Automation Beyond Management

Sail Toward Success

Embark on a voyage with GoFreight’s Ocean Import Solution, where every detail is an opportunity for optimization. Your journey to comprehensive management and automation begins here.
~ Explore Uncharted Efficiency — Discover GoFreight Today

Step into the future with GoFreight’s Automated Workflow that offers:

Ocean Freight Software FAQ:

Ocean freight software benefits forwarders in the way that it streamlines the processes of sea freight transportation by tracking it from the moment all the necessary data is keyed in until it arrives at its ultimate destination.
Ocean freight management software handles the operations and logistics of ocean freight in every step of the process. A dynamic ocean freight software solution will ensure compliance and correct filing, mitigate shipments, and handle documentation. Importantly, it will also comprise expenses, customer service, billing, and accounting.