Uncompromising Data Security at GoFreight

At GoFreight, we prioritize the security and integrity of your data. Our commitment to safeguarding your information is reflected in our robust database protection, high availability strategies, and diligent backup processes. We employ industry-leading practices and technologies to ensure your data is secure, accessible, and resilient against any unforeseen circumstances.

Database Protection: Ensuring Your Data’s Safety

Secured by Amazon RDS

Our database utilizes Amazon RDS, a managed service renowned for its robust security measures. Protected by the comprehensive AWS global network security procedures, our database infrastructure aligns with the highest security standards, as detailed in the Amazon Web Services: Overview of Security Processes whitepaper.

Private and Protected Access

We maintain a strict policy of no public accessibility for our database instances. Residing within a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), our databases are invisible and inaccessible via the Internet. This stringent measure ensures that only authorized applications can interact with your data, enhancing security and privacy.

High Availability: Your Data, Always Accessible

Multi-AZ Deployment for Continuous Accessibility

By enabling the Multi-AZ feature, we ensure that AWS creates a synchronous standby replica of our database in a different availability zone. This approach not only enhances data accessibility but also guarantees an automatic failover to the standby in case of any planned or unplanned outages, thus ensuring continuous operation and data integrity.

Backup: Safeguarding Your Data Against All Odds

Automated Backups for Peace of Mind

Amazon RDS automatically performs daily backups of our database, providing a reliable and efficient way to recover your data. These automated backups allow us to restore the database to any point within the retention period, offering a robust safety net against data loss.

Our Backup Strategy: Going the Extra Mile

In addition to AWS’s automated backups, we have developed an automated script that backs up our database schema and data to AWS S3 daily. This extra layer of security ensures that we can rebuild our database independently of AWS RDS if needed. Our choice of AWS S3 for data storage is due to its unparalleled data durability, offering an average annual expected loss of only 0.000000001% of objects, which equates to near-zero data loss.
Your data’s security and availability are paramount at GoFreight. Through our comprehensive data protection strategies, high availability setups, and meticulous backup processes, we provide the assurance and reliability you need in today’s data-driven world.