Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Revolutionize Shipment Visibility with GoFreight’s Customer Portal

A Dual Benefit: Enhance Your Service Offering and Delight Your Clientele

In the rapidly evolving world of freight forwarding, direct access to shipment information has become an essential demand. Through GoFreight’s Customer Portal, you can offer your customers real-time visibility and control over their shipments, setting your service apart and solidifying trust. GoFreight’s container tracking, accounting management, and logistics software made for and by freight forwarders has the tools you need to not only effectively manage your containers and shipping processes, but keep your clients satisfied as well. 

Standout Features for Standout Service

Offer your clients an unfiltered view with container and purchase order-level data through our customizable logistics software. Enhanced by EDI-powered shipment updates, they’ll never be in the dark about their freight’s journey. 

Consolidate all vital information in one place. With synchronized ISF confirmations and live container tracking, your clients get a unified, up-to-date snapshot of their shipments.

GoFreight’s intuitive, streamlined logistics software allows freight forwarders to facilitate smooth interactions between clients and their overseas partners. Centralized booking approvals reduce communication lapses, averting potential missteps and financial pitfalls. 

Empower your clients with the tools they need. Our portal allows them to generate detailed shipment reports effortlessly, enhancing their decision-making processes. 

Visualize the shipment path in an intuitive, user-friendly format. With color-coded updates and timely alerts, your clients will always know the status of their cargo, whether it’s ahead of schedule or facing delays.

The GoFreight Distinction: Elevating Customer Portal Experience

Direct Access and Independence

Allow your clients the autonomy they desire. With our logistics software’s customer portal, they can independently monitor their shipments, enhancing their confidence in your services. 

Adaptive and Future-Proof

Stay ahead of the curve. Our customer portal is not just built for today’s needs but is continuously evolving, ensuring your clients always have the best tools at their disposal. 

Unwavering Support

Our dedication extends beyond software. We’re here to assist and guide, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your clients. 

Position Yourself as a Forward-Thinking Freight Forwarder

In an age where real-time information is paramount, the GoFreight Customer Portal is more than a feature—it’s a strategic advantage. Elevate your service offerings, fortify client relationships, and redefine the gold standard in freight forwarding.