Plans and Pricing

Plans and Pricing

Simple Subscription Pricing for Our Freight Forwarding Software.

No Hidden Costs.

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Container Tracking System Module is Sold Separately

GoFreight’s most popular add-on with API & EDI integration. Easily track the movement and real-time status of all your containers in one place.

Top Questions About GoFreight Pricing

Pricing for GoFreight depends on the user number of your organization and the amount of time you wish to stay with GoFreight. The more users you want to operate through GoFreight, the more value you will receive in terms of efficiency and cost savings.
GoFreight price includes access to all GoFreight Modules, customer support, unlimited training, unlimited shipment entries, and bi-weekly product enhancements, at no additional costs. There are no hidden costs as we believe you having access to all the support and the well-crafted design of our software is the road to success.
A user is defined as one email address. We recommend you include employees like OPs, accountants, general managers, and decision-makers who would benefit from any of the mentioned GoFreight Modules. The reason is that a lot of GoFreight features are designed to streamline user workflow. Ensuring all users have access to their own workflow can maximize the value you get from GoFreight, improving work efficiency and boosting productivity.
We offer a flexible payment plan and operate on a subscription basis. That is, you will be billed in a time cycle of your choice (monthly, yearly et cetera) and are free to add and delete users at any time.
Answer 4 easy questions for us to calculate the right price. A designated product specialist will be there to figure out the rest details with you.