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Manage Shipments Customer Portal


Easily manage shipment reports, bills of lading, container ETA/ATA/LFD, and invoices on one page, ensuring full visibility from shipment to delivery.


GoFreight is engineered to optimize your business productivity and success, from purchase orders and quotes to shipments and invoices.

Security Filing

File custom documents directly in the GoFreight platform with the in-app ISF, AMS, and eManifest portals, saving you time and money.


With our native integration with ocean carriers, terminals, and rails EDI, all container status are auto-updated in your shipments.


Customers can use the GoFreight Customer Portal to see all of their shipments in one place, including relevant information, and documents.


Logistical tasks are automated in the GoFreight Customer Portal, including shipment status updates, alerts, and regular reports.


With GoFreight’s Tracking technology, your customer’s cargo status is updated in real-time, allowing them to manage their inventories in transit.

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Over 1,000 freight forwarding companies rely on GoFreight to manage and optimize their workflow and customer services.

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“Makes work’s life easier.”

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“The best freight forwarding logistics system ever!”

Melissa – Company President

Trusted By 1000+ Global Freight Forwarders

GoFreight drives digital transformation and streamlines the freight forwarding process.


Freight forwarding businesses rely on GoFreight for daily business operations.


Daily users working seamlessly with GoFreight’s automated workflow.


Savings on demurrage and detention fees with GoFreight reminders.


More shipments handled during peak season.


US ports and terminals covered by GoFreight’s tracking.

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