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Empower Freight Forwarders to Acquire and Retain the Most Profitable Customers

From booking, tracking, to reporting, GoFrieght Customer Portal provides world-class customer experience for you to secure great sales opportunities.

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Impressing Your Customers With GoFreight™ Customer Portal

Boost Customer Expereince With Container and Purchase Order Level Visibility with the EDI-Powered Shipment Data

Save Both You and Your Customers’ Time on Communication by Syncing and ISF Confirmation with Real-Time Shipment Tracking Data

Avoid Miscommunication and Financial Lost by Allowing Customers to Collaborate Booking Approvals with Shippers and Oversea Agents in One Place

Empower Your Customers to Create Shipment and PO Reports in Just a Few Clicks

Shipment Journey

The journey shows the status of the shipment’s progress. It begins on the left and the color indicates the state of the shipment. Your clients will be notified if a given stage is completed sooner or later than expected.

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GoFreight Impresses Your Customer and Makes Your Life Easier

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