Tracking Portal
Make your customers happy with the Tracking Portal

Centralize all the information your clients want to know in a single place and keep them updated with the latest shipment status automatically.

Tracking Portal - System
Tracking Portal - Shipment Information

Shipment Information

No matter if your client wants to know the ETD, ETA, shipment release status, MBL #, they are all easily accessible and stored in one place.

Tracking Portal - Cargo Details

Cargo Details

If your client’s want to see more specific information about the shipment such as the ISF No., carrier name, delivery location, all the information can be found here.

Tracking Portal - Shipping Documents

Shipping Documents

All the documents such as HB/L, arrival notice, and ISF confirmation can be uploaded and viewed by your clients themselves. It is also automatcally synced with the GoFreight FMS. Your clients won’t need to wait for you to search documents through email chains anymore.

Shipment Journey

The journey shows the status of the shipment’s progress. It begins on the left and the color indicates the state of the shipment. Your clients will be notified if a given stage is completed sooner or later than expected.

Tracking Portal - Shipment Journey

Easily search through shipments with filtering

Even if your customers have many shipments, the customer portal makes it simple to handle them. Sorting and filtering functions are included in GoFreight to assist your clients in better managing their shipments. For example, they can filter by ETD to see which shipment should be prioritized or if there are any additional plans that need to be made immediately.

Tracking Portal - Easily Search

Keep your clients informed with auto-notifications

You and your clients will be able to set up customized email notifications on important shipment status updates. Your clients will also receive weekly updates on their shipment summary, keeping them up-to-date and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Tracking Portal - Keep your Client