Accounting Solutions

Accounting Solutions

Comprehensive Financial Solutions for Freight Forwarders

Navigating the financial landscape in freight forwarding can be daunting. GoFreight’s freight accounting software offers an all-encompassing suite of financial tools, from invoicing and payments to accounting, to ensure your cash flow stays on track and operations remain seamless.

Professional Invoicing to Ensure Timely Payments

Branded, Efficient, and Connected

With GoFreight, create and dispatch branded invoices with ease. Our freight accounting software not only ensures professional communication but also fosters faster payments. Key features include:

Revolutionize Payments with GoFreight Pay

Faster Payments, Simplified Reconciliation

With GoFreight Pay, invoices aren’t just requests—they become actionable payment gateways. Features include: 

  • Online Payment Tool: Activate GoFreight Pay on invoices and empower clients to remit payments effortlessly.
  • Integrated Payment Status: Monitor payment statuses within GoFreight, facilitating cargo release and easy reconciliation.
  • Quicker Cash Flow: Experience an improved cash flow cycle, receiving payments up to 10 days earlier.

Freight Forwarding Accounting Reinvented

Clarity, Accuracy, and Convenience

Dive into an accounting system tailored for freight forwarders, where precision meets simplicity. 

Key features of GoFreight’s freight accounting software:

Clear HB/L MB/L Structure: Directly link accounting to shipment management, effortlessly locating invoices based on varied criteria.
Overseas Agent Fee Settlement: Seamless settlement processes with overseas agents through an interlinked Debit Credit Note system.
Automated Reporting: Generate essential financial reports effortlessly. Access Aging Reports, Statements of Account, Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and more with just a few clicks.

Why Choose GoFreight's Financial Solutions?

Freight forwarding businesses require specialized financial solutions. GoFreight addresses the unique challenges of this sector, combining robust functionalities with user-friendly interfaces. Our goal is to streamline your financial processes, allowing you to focus on growth and customer relationships.