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Are You Tired of maintaining shipment status one-by-one in spreadsheets?

It is frustrating to manually search for your shipment statuses from multiple carrier and terminal websites, then log the tracking data into spreadsheets only to discover that the data is unreliable, missing, and outdated, resulting in demurrage & per diem fines. Time to change your operations with GoFreight’s Cargo Tracking System.

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Now, there’s an easy-to-use system to track all of your shipments

Your one-stop platform for tracking all your shipmenets

Gain shipment visibility

Get your cargo delivered on-time with enhanced visibility and exception handling with GoFreight.

Eliminate expensive fines

Let us show you how to reduce your excess costs by eliminating demurrage, detention, and per diem fines.

Track containers in GoFreight’s Cargo Tracking System

Receive auto-updated cargo status.

With GoFreight, you can track your shipments by House Bill of Lading, PO number, or container number.

Importers - Cargo Tracking

Innovative Cargo Tracking System built to…

Improve real-time cargo visibility

Carrier and terminal websites don’t provide real-time shipment status causing unforeseen delays, unnecessary fines, and poor inventory planning

Increase shipment visibility information to track on your own

Now you’ll have a Cargo Tracking System to track cargo yourself with access the necessary cargo information in real-time

Reduce time-consuming manual work

Say goodbye to searching and logging cargo information manually. What a hassle! Simplify the import of cargo from multiple carriers and terminals.

Which lifestyle do you want to achieve?

Using GoFreight Using other software

Receive all required information in a centralized Cargo Tracking System a and plan your shipment and inventory control in advance.

Frequently call or email your freight forwarders frequently to find shipment updates in multiple formats only to manually log them into spreadsheets.

Track cargo in a way that suits you

GoFreight Tracking offers several methods for tracking your cargo. You have the option of uploading your shipment data and receiving the most recent shipment status all at once, or you can schedule a talk with us for a customized integration.

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Manage the supply chain with better efficiency

By obtaining accurate and real-time information of your shipment statuses with a cargo tracking system, you can make decisions that drive revenue. Be well-prepared for unforeseen circumstances and inform everyone about a container’s whereabouts, including your processing units, vendors, and even end-to-end customers. Better plan warehouse inventory levels and allow your operation team to work on higher priority tasks to further expand your business.