For Freight Forwarders
The Ultimate Solution for Exceptional Handling During Peak Season

Track and trace your containers with GoFreight. Reduce manual work and increase your team’s efficiency by automating tracking operations in one place. Never miss your LFD again!

Container Track and Trace at Your Fingertips

From ETD/ETA to Unloaded from Vessel, LFD and Empty Return, you will never miss any of the critical timestamps again.

The Hidden Risks That Cause Higher Detention and Demurrage Fees

Overwhelming amount of data sources

Container information from ocean carriers, terminals and rails will need to be manually merged into one spreadsheet.

Inefficient manpower and human errors

Hiring more people is a short-term solution, and improper training and onboarding may result in more human errors.

Unreliable container information

Due to supply chain disruptions, container information is updated frequently and results in reliability issues from the service provider.

3 Most Popular Features for Freight Forwarding Businesses

Container statuses are fully integrated with your shipments, so you will be able to view the containers all at a glance.

Freight Forwarders - Integrated with your HB/L

Customize the types of notifications you wish to receive, and keep yourself updated to avoid additional fees

Freight Forwarders - Email notification

You can easily import all your shipments at once and the corresponding container statuses will be automatically tracked. There’s no need to worry over large quantities of shipments anymore.

Freight Forwarders - Batch shipment import
Freight Forwarders - Integrated with your HB/L

Outstanding Data Quality That Empowers Your Shipment Visibility

You need a solution to handle supply chain disruptions and unforeseen delays. With quality data that ensures 99.7% data accuracy by cross-referencing multiple sources of information, your operation personnel can easily plan the shipment delivery ahead of time.

Read the G2 reviews to see how they succeed despite disruptions

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Got Your Own Freight Management System Already?

No worries. GoFreight provides the comprehensive API or EDI 315 that supports all kinds of data formats.

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Freight Forwarders - API

3 Tips to Handle Exceptions During the Peak Seasons

Freight Forwarders - ETA

Real-time container ETA updates for you to make better decisions.

Freight Forwarders - Filter

Quickly filter out specific timestamps that require your attention.

Freight Forwarders - Expiring LFD & FDD

Stay tuned with email notifications for the expiring LFD & FDD.

Great Customer Service Is Determined by How You Will Keep Your Customers Posted

The GoFreight Customer Portal will allow your customers to track and trace all their container status by shipments, containers, PO and SKU number, without the hassle of memorizing any shipment information.

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“After deploying GoFreight Tracking, we have simplified our track and trace work with the containers and instantly saved 17K per month from detention and demurrage fee.”

Eric Lee

Owner of freight forwarder in LA