Container Tracking Data Feed

Container Tracking Data Feed
Container Tracking

Most Accurate Container Tracking API With 95% Coverage on U.S. Carrier, Terminal, & Rail

GoFreight Tracking API automatically pushes the most comprehensive, standardized, and detailed container tracking events and data to any software, system, or spreadsheet, providing you with end-to-end visibility to eliminate manual data entry and reduce detention & demurrage fines.

A Freight Software With All the Tracking Information You Need in a Single Container Tracking API Integration

Complete Shipment Information

Port of loading, port of unloading, carrier, final destination, vessel, container number, ATD, ATA, place of delivery, and more in a single container tracking API

Container Journey Timestamp

Over 1000+ unique tracking events are standardized into seven milestones across carriers, terminals, and rails

AI-Powered Predictive Data

Ensuring accuracy on critical data such as ETA, LFD, and FDD with an AI-driven algorithm

Gaining the Ability To Track Containers in Real-Time Doesn’t Need To Be a Daunting and Costly Task With the Best Container Tracking API in the Business

Integrate Real-Time Container Tracking Into Your Existing Workflow With Low Costs in Time, Labor, and Money

Our GoFreight Container Tracking API provides, a one-stop freight software. Now, you will have a single source of data for carrier, terminal, and rail, you no longer need to adopt different ways of integration from multiple vendors. Moreover, GoFreight’s customer support team will help you integrate the container tracking API into your freight tracking system quickly and effortlessly, allowing you to minimize costs and allocate resources to core business functions.

GoFreight Tracking API Is the Only Container Tracking Software That You Need and One That you Can Rely On


Containers Tracked in 2021


Container Data Accuracy


Minute Data Refresh

With our cargo tracking system, you can track your shipments by House B/L, or PO number, container number.

GoFreight’s Cargo Shipping Software Covers More Than 95% of U.S. Carriers

GoFreight’s Freight Forwarding Application Is Always Ready for Integration

Access precise and real-time container tracking data with the tools and systems you use today. GoFreight container tracking API can be integrated into many ERP, TMS, FMS, and other systems.

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