Is there a way to make payments from my clients safer and quicker?

If you want to avoid having your customers go through repetitive input of credit card information and other hassles, you can opt to include GoFreight Pay in your freight forwarding software. Here are its advantages. For the freight forwarder: Receive payments faster. Organize and manage payments directly without leaving your operation software. Monitor all payment […]

Why is cloud-based freight forwarding software more advantageous?

The advantage of cloud-based freight forwarding software is its flexibility and security: GoFreight runs on Amazon’s AWS, one of the world’s most secure cloud servers. With Amazon AWS, you can also enjoy less downtime among other servers. You don’t have to worry about lost data because of hard disk drive crashes or mishaps that might […]

What should the accounting module contain in an excellent freight forwarding software?

GoFreight’s software has an excellent accounting module in its freight forwarding software to support freight forwarding companies because it includes the following crucial features: It is custom-built for freight forwarding companies. Each invoice is linked to purchases & expenses. It is synced with the latest accounting software, such as Quickbooks. It can track profits and […]

What are the ways GoFreight’s freight forwarding software makes issuing quotations quicker?

A quotation is essential to any freight forwarding business. That is why GoFreight works hard to ensure you build a strong base by optimizing and enhancing your quotation workflow. Each customer has personalization needs. To respond to these demands and to ensure you have a fully optimized and enhanced quotation workflow, GoFreight’s quotation function provides […]

What is the best freight forwarding software for handling shipments to and from China?

GoFreight’s freight forwarding software is optimized and designed by freight forwarders with experience in dealing with China imports and exports. GoFreight’s software is cloud/web-based, making it usable worldwide. Hailed by Sourceforge.net, an authoritative review site for freight forwarder software, GoFreight is ranked #1 as the best fit for freighters. With its high data security level, […]

How does the ideal freight forwarding software streamline operations?

Automating your freight forwarding business is a must to stay competitive. Apart from helping you keep track of all aspects of your business using one platform, the ideal freight forwarding software helps streamline your operations in many ways: Uploading files in the system and making these visible through a user-friendly interface Tracking receipts Managing expense […]

What are the advantages of having an excellent container tracking system?

An excellent container tracking system provides the following advantages: Provides excellent supply chain visibility. Saves you time browsing multiple ports’ websites. Enhances operational efficiency. Provides helpful and valuable insights instantly. Helps you with customer satisfaction by providing real-time helpful shipment information quickly. Save on costs by helping you plan your shipments to be more efficient. […]

How much should I expect to spend to acquire GoFreight’s Freight Forwarding Software?

The pricing depends on the number of employees using the software and the duration you wish to stay with GoFreight. Among all freight forwarding options, GoFreight’s Freight Forwarding Software provides the highest return on your investment because of its valuable features that you can immediately use, unlimited training and customer support, and unlimited product enhancements. […]