Automated Manifest System (AMS)

Automated Manifest System (AMS)

What is AMS in Shipping?

The Automated Manifest System (AMS) is a key component in the world of shipping, particularly for companies engaged in international trade. At its core, AMS is an electronic system designed to facilitate cargo clearance and enhance security measures. It’s used by customs authorities, particularly in the United States, to pre-screen and evaluate cargo information before goods arrive at their destination.

The system plays a crucial role in streamlining the shipping process, making it more efficient and secure. By using AMS, shipping companies can provide detailed information about their cargo, including the shipper, consignee, and details of the goods being transported. This advanced information helps customs authorities to assess potential risks and prepare for the arrival of the cargo.

Features of Automated Manifest

  • Automated processing: AMS automates the process of manifest submission, reducing manual errors and speeding up the clearance process.
  • Security enhancement: It improves security by allowing customs authorities to assess and address potential risks before the arrival of the cargo.
  • Efficiency in operations: By providing early cargo information, AMS aids in smoother and faster clearance of goods.