Busiest West Coast Terminals

Busiest West Coast Terminals

As the wait time for containers leaving the busiest American West Coast ports continues to tick up, the importance of shipment visibility and the knowledge of shipment location continues to rise. Historically, the West Coast has the tendency to be more congested than the East Coast, which causes unexpected and uncontrollable shipment delays. Some of these ports are America’s busiest, like the Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach, Port of Seattle and Tacoma, and the Port of Oakland.

Unfortunately, there is no quick solution to fixing port congestion and angry customers, but having shipping visibility and container tracking systems in place can oftentimes placate impatient consumers. Global port congestion and high shipping rates have been forecasted to last into 2023, so it’s never been clearer that freight forwarders should save time and resources on operations and focus on creating more revenue.

Freight forwarders have to keep an eye on the status of their shipments and keep their customers updated, and can implement GoFreight’s Customer Portal to keep their clients informed. All parties involved can easily receive full shipment visibility and real-time container tracking information, which brings enough time to plan accordingly to avoid detention and demurrage fees. If you’re tired of going to multiple terminal websites in order to track your container statuses, book a free demo with us and find out how GoFreight can help you save time and give your clients the most up to date information on their shipments.