Chassis Fee

Chassis Fee

What is a chassis fee?

A chassis fee is a charge levied by transportation providers for the use of a chassis, which is a wheeled frame specifically designed to carry containers over the road. This fee is often encountered in container shipping and intermodal transport, where a container needs to be transported from a ship to a warehouse or final destination.

The chassis fee is typically calculated based on the duration for which the chassis is used, and it covers the costs associated with the maintenance and management of these essential pieces of equipment. Understanding chassis charges is vital for anyone involved in freight transportation, as these fees can significantly impact the overall shipping costs.

What is a tri-axle chassis fee?

A tri-axle chassis fee is a specific type of chassis charge that applies to the use of a tri-axle chassis. This kind of chassis is equipped with three axles, providing greater stability and weight distribution, which is particularly important for heavier loads.

The tri-axle chassis fee is generally higher than a standard chassis fee, reflecting the additional capabilities and weight capacity of the tri-axle chassis. When transporting heavy containers or engaging in heavy haul trucking, a tri-axle chassis is often a necessary requirement, hence the importance of understanding the associated fees.

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