Chassis Split

Chassis Split

What Is a Chassis Split?

A chassis split is an important concept in the logistics and transportation industry, particularly in container shipping. It refers to a situation where the container and its chassis (the wheeled frame used for transporting containers) are located at different sites, necessitating separate handling and movement. This scenario typically arises due to various operational reasons and can impact the efficiency and cost of cargo movement.

When Does a Chassis Split Occur?

Chassis splits occur due to several reasons, often related to logistics efficiency, availability of equipment, or specific requirements of shipping lines or ports. Common scenarios include:

  • Limited Availability: When there’s a shortage of chassis at a given location, a container might have to be moved without its chassis to another site where a chassis is available.
  • Operational Strategies: Sometimes, for operational efficiency, shipping companies may choose to separate containers and chassis to optimize their usage.
  • Port Requirements: Certain ports might have regulations or practices that necessitate the splitting of chassis and containers.

Understanding the dynamics of a chassis split is crucial for logistics professionals to manage shipping schedules and costs effectively.