Drop and Pick

Drop and Pick

What is a drop and pick?

Drop and pick, a common term in the freight and logistics industry, refers to a specific type of trucking service. This service involves a driver dropping off a full trailer at a designated location and then picking up another trailer. This process is especially prevalent in container transport and intermodal freight services.

The Process

The drop and pick method is characterized by its efficiency and time-saving qualities. A driver brings a loaded trailer to a location, typically a warehouse or distribution center, and detaches it. Instead of waiting for the cargo to be unloaded or loaded, the driver immediately picks up another trailer that’s already loaded and continues the journey. This process significantly reduces waiting time for drivers, ensuring faster turnaround and improved efficiency in freight operations.


One of the primary advantages of drop and pick is the reduction in idle time for both drivers and vehicles. This efficiency is crucial in maintaining the flow of goods, especially in high-demand or time-sensitive scenarios. Additionally, it allows for better scheduling and utilization of resources, as trailers can be loaded or unloaded without the need for the driver or tractor to be present.

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