Global Terminal Tracking

Global Terminal Tracking

In the world of freight forwarding, freight forwarders have to keep track of where their shipments are. But when it comes to global terminal tracking, searching up container status information by each terminal can be a hassle and lead to avoidable human errors. But global terminal container tracking doesn’t need to be time consuming. In fact, global terminal container tracking can be easily done with one centralized platform, like the one GoFreight offers.

GoFreight centralizes container statuses from multiple carriers, ports, terminals, and rails. With our software system, all the data you need is combined into one dashboard, freeing you from manually searching up each container’s status. Our web-based SaaS can be the one-stop platform for tracking all global shipments. GoFreight is the modern solution for container tracking & tracing, and global terminal tracking has never been easier with GoFreight.

Shipment statuses will also be auto-updated, so you don’t need to worry about potential delays or detention and demurrage fees. Our customers have reported that GoFreight has saved them at least 1.5 hours per day, and you can experience that too. Book a free demo with us and find out how you can complete global terminal container tracking without any difficulties.