TraPac Terminal

TraPac Terminal

Are you looking for TraPac container tracking services?

Established in 1985, TraPac Incorporated is a container terminal operator that provides services to the Port of Los Angeles, the Port of Oakland, and Jacksonville Port Authority. TraPac container tracking can be done in many ways. One of the main methods is to go on TraPac’s website, select the port of your choosing, transaction type, and then enter in the reference number(s), which can be container numbers or BOL.

TraPac terminals pride themselves on providing real-time container data, since as soon as a container is unloaded from its vessel, the container number is scanned into the Electronic Document Interchange. So of course shippers can check their container’s pick up statuses directly on TraPac terminal’s website, but with one centralized platform like GoFreight, container tracking becomes much simpler. By using EDI/API data integration, GoFreight is able to compile all relevant shipment information into one place, freeing you from having to perform the same repetitive actions on several different websites.

Tired of searching for container statuses through several terminal websites?

GoFreight can help you save time and energy from manually going through several websites in order to track your containers! With our software system, all the data you need is combined into one dashboard, freeing you from manually searching up several terminal websites just to find container statuses.

GoFreight not only centralizes container statuses from multiple carriers, ports, terminals, and rails, but also auto-updates shipment statuses, meaning you always receive the most accurate shipment data. Our customers have reported that GoFreight has saved them at least 1.5 hours per day, and you can easily do so as well.