Best Freight Forwarding & Visibility Software

Best Freight Forwarding & Visibility Software
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Business Software Built for Freight Forwarders

On average, our customers increase their revenue by 97.5% every year. They do it on the industry’s leading software solution—GoFreight.

Impress Customers

Customer is the priority of a service-oriented business like freight forwarding. With GoFreight’s all-in-one suite of tools and features, you’re providing premium services that would save a large amount of your client’s time and money, and build loyalty to your brand.

Avoid demurrage and detention fees

Automate exception alerts and demurrage/detention reminders to let your customers plan ahead.

Save time from recurring reports

Customize the shipment report and event update templates based on the frequency your customer wants.

Never bothered by double entries

Got your own ERP system? No worries! GoFreight EDI 315 is ready to sync container data to your system.

Real-time shipment visibility

Let your customers check container event details in shipment/PO level at our Customer Tracking Portal.

Grow your Freight Forwarding Business with

the #1 freight management software.

Today’s freight forwarding businesses trust GoFreight

More than 1,000 freight forwarders across North America trust GoFreight to optimize day-to-day workflows and product next-level business results. Our end-to-end design touches every part of what today’s freight forwarding companies do every day.

Managed Cash Flow

Understanding how money flows in and out of your freight forwarding business is key to success. GoFreight provides powerful tools to not only drive bigger sales, but to spot critical trends, better manage recurring services, and supercharge your ROI.

Calculate sales commission in the right way

Utilize the volume-profit report to export the correct revenue for your sales team for an accurate commission calculation.

Easier payment processing and reconciliation

Choose to request payment via invoices or statments. Reconciliation and payment processing can be easier than you can imagine.

Save 55% of your time spent on monthly closing

With the best-in-class Y/MEC control, you can ensure shipment and accounting data are reviewed with exceptions highlighted.

“With GoFreight, freight forwarders in the U.S. have achieved a revenue growth of 50% during the peak shipping season.”

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