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Get Paid through GoFreight

GoFreight Pay — The fully integrated payment processing tool that syncs operations, payments, and accounting automatically in your GoFreight freight management software.

A screenshot of GoFreight’s freight management software showing a transaction list and the status of each transaction.

Features you will love

Know who has & has not paid right away with the Real-Time Payment Statuses.

GoFreight’s invoice/cost list, with easy access to GoFreight pay status.
A quick invoice and pay link generated from GoFreights freight management software.

Get paid easily with the GoFreight Pay link.

For your customers:
Pay in Just A Few Clicks Away.

A GoFreight pay link in the amount of $500.00, showing the ‘process the payment’ button and invoice details.
A GoFreight Pay transaction list, compiling processing, paid, and declined payments in one place.

Utilize the Customized Transaction Dashboard to provide the best paying experience to your customers.

What your customers will experience

GoFreight Pay - Receive an invoice via email

Receive an invoice via email.

GoFreight Pay - Click Pay

Click Pay Online Now and arrive at the GoFreight Pay page.

GoFreight Pay - Select a preferred payment method

Select a preferred payment method.

GoFreight Pay - Confirm payment

Confirm payment.

GoFreight Pay - Receive the email confirmation

Receive the email confirmation.

For you

  • Organize and manage payments directly in your operation software
  • Receive payments faster
  • Monitor all payment statuses
  • Conduct reconciliations fasterComing soon
  • Collect multiple invoice payments easilyComing soon

Immediate Access to Payments

#Better Cashflow

#Faster Release of Cargo

#Satisfied Customers

For your customers

  • Pay quickly & securely
  • Choose from various payment methods
  • View invoice history and payment statuses in a customized dashboard
    ACH, Credit card, Debit card
  • Avoid repetitive input of credit card information and save time

Pay just a Few Clicks Away

#Easier Transaction Monitor

#Earlier Receive of Cargo

#Better Businesses

Receive Payments Easier and Faster.

All in the Freight forwarding software you and your business partners use every day.


GoFreight Pay is now available to all GoFreight’s customers in the United States. You can now log into your GoFreight account and find a GoFreight Pay button on the left side Navigator to activate GoFreight Pay.

Yes. All information is stored securely in GoFreight Pay and securely transmitted to your sponsor bank. Our partner, PayEngine, is certified with PCI DSS compliance. PCI DSS are a set of established rules governed by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Council. You may rest assured that your information will be protected safely.

No, signing up for a GoFreight Pay account is optional for your customers. However, we recommend that you encourage your customers to sign up to benefit from the full GoFreight Pay experience.