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On average, our customers increase their revenue by 97% annually. They do it on the industry’s leading cloud software solution—GoFreight.

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Have You Experienced These Pains in Your Freight Forwarding Business?

Customer Retention

The Freight forwarding industry is very competitive and depends on the high quality of service delivered to your customers.

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Recurring Reports

Are your customers requesting multiple reports to fulfill their freight and shipping management needs?

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Demurrage and Detention Fees

These critical fees negatively impact your businesses when relying on manual input rather than automated operational processes.

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Customer Portal

Streamline Your Customer Retention Capabilities

GoFreight’s customer portal supports your customers in monitoring their shipment and cargo statuses, helping them manage inventory while in transit.

Report Template

Reduce The Manual Maintenance of Recurring Reports

Human errors occur when completing workloads manually, frequently resulting in customer profit loss. With GoFreight Business Management System, we enable your operators to automate recurring reports.

Automated Notification

Reduce Demurrage & Detention Fees by over 55%

We provide exception alerts and demurrage/detention reminders, allowing you and your customers to plan ahead for changes to shipment schedules. Freight forwarding customers increase productivity and reduce unnecessary fees when they move to GoFreight!

Grow Your Freight Forwarding Business with the #1 freight management software.

Today’s freight forwarding businesses trust GoFreight Business Management System.

Over 1,000 global freight forwarders trust GoFreight to optimize day-to-day workflows and maximize their business potential. Our end-to-end solution touches every part of today’s freight forwarding daily business operations.

Cash Flow Management

Understanding how money flows in and out of your freight forwarding or NVOCC business is key to your continued success. GoFreight provides a powerful accounting solution to drive increased sales, spot critical trends and improve recurring service management––maximizing your ROI.

Calculate sales commission correctly the first time

Utilize our volume-profit reports to export the correct revenue for your sales team for accurate commission calculations.

Easier payment processing and reconciliation

Request payment directly via invoices or statements, making reconciliation and payment processing easier than ever.

Save over 50% of your time spent on monthly reconciliation

With best-in-class Y/MEC control, you can be ensured shipment and accounting data is reviewed with any exceptions highlighted and remediated.

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“With GoFreight, global freight forwarders achieve an average revenue growth of 55% during the peak shipping season.”

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