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Dive into the pivotal role of advanced technologies, specifically AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning, in revolutionizing supply chain visibility and tracking. Explore:

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Empower Your Business with Integrated Shipment Visibility

Freight forwarders saw an instant business growth after deploying GoFreight Tracking in 3 month time.

Increase customer satisfaction

GoFreight Tracking Portal enables your customers to better track inventories throughout the whole supply chain, simply with PO or container number.

Reduce demurrage costs

Get notifications for containers that are available for picking up to reduce demurrage and detention fees.

Improve operation efficiency

Free your operation team from endless manual check on carriers’ websites for the container information. Let GoFreight do the work for you.
Built for all areas of your freight forwarding business

GoFreight makes it simple to centralize everything in our easy-to-use business management system. 

Ocean Shipment Management Module
Air Shipment Management Module
Accounting Module
Booking & Quotation Module
Trucking Module
Warehouse Module
Manager Dashboards
Customer Portal