Air Booking Goes Live, Column Updates, and Tracking Email Notifications for Trade Partners

2 minutes read
November 11, 2022

GoFreight Core

Turn Air Bookings into Shipments in a Few Clicks

GoFreight Air Module is officially complemented with the new set of air booking features. You may now create bookings for air export directly on the GoFreight platform and turn them into MAWB and HAWB without double entries.

Latest Gate In Data to be Shown on the Volume & Profit Report

The Latest Gate In data powered by EDI is now available on the Volume & Profit Report. Simply choose Latest Gate In as one of the criteria and filter needed information for advanced analysis.

Account Payable Balance to be Shown on All Shipment Lists

An A/P Balance column is now available on all ocean and air shipment list views for GoFreight users to quickly check with the corresponding AR and D/C Balances.

GoFreight Tracking

Tracking Email Notifications for Trade Partners

The real-time email notifications based on GoFreight Tracking EDI data are now available for users to set up and easily send to relevant trade partners. This function is available when you set your trade partners to be one of the following types: Customer, Shipper, Consignee, or Oversea Agent.

Simply tick the Tracking Email Notification box under Contact Person Information on the Trade Partner entry page, and your trade partners will receive email notifications when shipments are Unloaded From Vessel and a Shipment Weekly Report.

To control what notification email is sent out, go to Navigation → Settings → Tracking Email Notification Setting.