Bank Batch Process Optimization, New Fields, and Extra Color Remark

1 minute read
July 29, 2022

Bank Batch Process Optimization

An Amount (Bank Currency) column is now available for GoFreight multi-currency customers to check the original currency of each payment.

In Accounting -> Bank -> Batch Process, click the Search button in the middle to check the payment amount in both the main currency and the original currency of that payment.

You can now also see the payment Type column shown in the search result.

1_Bank Batch Process

More Application of the Color Remark

Color Remark is now added to both the New Booking entry and the Booking List.

2_Color remark

New Fields For Ocean Export to Africa Region

For those who operate export shipments to Africa, there are now two designated fields available for Electric Cargo Tracking Note and Packaging Recovery Note.

Go to Ocean Export -> Booking Entry or M/BL Entry, and you can find the fields: ECTN No. and PRN No. at the bottom.

3_New Fields For Ocean Export

Once the fields are filled out, information will automatically be shown in the Description section of all Doc Receipts, M/BL, and H/BL.

VGM Cut-Off Date Field for Better Document Preparation

A new VGM Cut-Off Date field is added under Ocean Export to better prepare the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) document.