Better ISF Experience, Multi-Currency Display, and Accounting Statement File Name Customization

2 minutes read
July 1, 2022

ISF Filing By Third Party may now be checked on the HB/L List

When checking the importer security filing status, the option to filter out shipments filed by a third party is now available on the ocean import HB/L List.

You may go to Ocean Import -> HB/L List -> Config and check the ISF Filing By Third Party box to quickly determine which shipments to follow up on.

ISF matching experience is optimized with an extra To-Do-List notification

For changes in ISF status, the ISF Match Date field will be updated with the latest matching results.

You will now receive another To-Do-List notification if the system detects changes in ISF status and a new ISF is needed.

Original currency can now be shown on the Arrival Notice

A Show Original Currency checkbox is now added to the Arrival Notice for multi-currency users.

Check the box to show the original currency for each description of charges.

Replace Agent/Local Statement with Accounting Statement or a file name of your choice on the PDF directly

You may now edit the Agent/Local Statement file name to fit your needs in the PDF file directly.